Stacy and Mary's Mountain

Part 1 of yesterday's adventure was taking my cousin and his dogs out for a run on the Madison/Freedom trails. I wanted to get back up Stacy Mountain and learn the trail a little better since it's not well marked. The path up was pretty clear but the trail down the backside could use some work. We headed left instead of right on one section and were completely off. From Stacy we headed over to Trout Pond - the dogs appreciated the water stop. Next was Mary's Mountain and the views were excellent. I really like that climb/lookout. Then we slogged out but talked most of the way out. An even 8.5 on my watch but probably more like 9. 

Mary's Mountain MTB

Finally dusted off the bike after a two month hiatus. Dave is back in town and his bike was supposed to be here which was the catalyst behind yesterday's ride. I was also curious to see how those trails were on bike vs. running. Luckily the rain didn't do much damage and it was a fast descent to Shawtown Junction. Around Trout pond is non-technical and mostly flat but the ascent up Mary's Mountain from that side had a few tricky sections where I hopped off the bike. Nearly all of it is bikeable I'm sure but not on my set up yesterday (seat was too high for some of the up/down sections. However, the descent off the summit was fast and had good terrain. The perfect level of difficulty for an intermediate biker. So I'm making a Strava segment for that one. The ride back up and out of Shawtown was more difficult than I expected - loose wet rock made it slow going but I was out before I knew it. Looking forward to more rides this Fall!