All Dressed Up

I went to Hannaford's for a full grocery re-up and couldn't resist getting a bag of "all dressed up" flavored chips. Although I prefer Humpty Dumpty (HD Flavor) brand, these would do. Unfortunately, I made the decision to snack on these on the 20 minute drive home. One chip was the gateway for the entire bag. Whelp, I had to live with that decision up on Frost Farm Fat Camp and still had to get my run in. 

I opted for the pound road loop which was my pre-half run. It started off slow, still sluggish from the busy week. However, with some music my energy lifted and I picked up the pace and made the most of my short run. I had to be back by 5:35 so I could leave for the McCloy bday dinner. I capped the run at 5 miles and felt good considering I had downed 7oz of chips. 

That little run was satisfying.