Week of August 15 - 21

Catching up on old miles. 

This was a relaxed week knowing that I was coming off my first solid week or running since my hike and also "tapering" for the upcoming week in Chamonix. There were a few things I wanted to accomplish, a good run to follow up Sunday's long run then a some kind of speed test to make sure that my legs are there. It's easy to lose confidence in your fitness switching between disciplines and run fitness is much different than hiking fitness. There isn't much more to elaborate on other than Monday was a great 9.5 mile run on tired legs and Thursday allowed me to run (relatively) fast on the boardwalk. Holding 5:35 pace on the boards right now is where I'm at, that's fine. I don't need a ton of speed for OCC but testing the turnover is important for the mind. 

Here's the stats and a few photos: 

Monday: 9.5 miles (7:28 pace in much nicer conditions than Sunday)
Tuesday: 6.2 miles (8:04 pace on tired legs)
Wednesday: Off (2 mile walk)
Thursday: 7.3 miles (8: 10 pace, midday run)
Friday: 8 miles (7:43 pace)
Saturday: Drive OCJN > NH
Sunday:  NH > CHAMONIX