Looping Purity Spring

Scrapped the track work for an easier run from the house. Jim Johnson came over and we made the call on the fly to head down and loop Purity Lake via Fox Road. On Fox we checked out a driveway that had nearly 300' of elevation and had previously only reconned on maps. There was a cabin at the top that definitely hadn't been accessed/lived in for quite some time. Will head back there to see what's beyond their property to check out Lyman Mountain.

From Fox Road we headed down an old carriage road that links up with 153 and stopped at Long Pond to peep the foliage. The maples seemed to be perfectly interspersed between the evergreens. From 153 we looped behind Purity Lake via Sunset Road then came back across the front of the lake and went up King Pine via Slow Pokey Pine trail, the easiest route up. And to wrap it all up we ran down Scotch / Crooked Pine to the Tohkomeupog Council Bowl. 

It was an enjoyable 10 miles. That's over 7k of vert for the past three days and I'm tired but feeling more durable than I ever have. 

Afternoon Duathlon

Another hot day and it was an easy decision to go for a run / swim / run down around Purity Lake. Once this summer I've run down the two miles, swam, then ran back but I wanted a few more miles. An easy option is to loop around the lake. I ran by the waterfront first and dropped off googles and jammers then continued clockwise around the lake holding 8 minute mile pace. Shins had a few sore spots in the morning but running felt fine. 

On the swim it's always a little difficult without leg buoyancy afforded by wearing a wetsuit but it also feels nice to just wear shorts. I loped over to sunset in 16:20 and made it back in just about the same time. My back was getting worked by holding up my lower body to the surface also exposing the weakness in my back.

The run back was uneventful but I listened to an excellent interview with Scott and Jenny Jurek