Surf & Turf

This morning I took Hilary (& Squall) up to Downs Road to check off a new road for her up off Glines. I had explored this area the day after the Beast of the East and ended up running near dusk so I didn't get a good look at the properties but the Hawking Estate is over 600 acres and largely undeveloped. The weather has cooled quite a bit so it was comfortable, especially for the pup. Five miles in my hip flexors started to go. Clearly still not recovered from last weekend. My right calf also started to twinge. Interesting to see how this all plays out. My shins on the other hand seem to be recovering with the reduced volume. I wrapped up the run with a few circles on the back lawn to get an even eight miles (21 for the week).

After a quick lunch I met up with Dave and we headed to Higgins for a surf with Marty. It was crowded and nothing special. A nice sunny Fall afternoon but that drive is becoming less and less worth it. Sigh. Surfing as a priority is dropping like a rock. Here are a few photos. 

David J Soroka surfing Higgins Beach.

Surf Bros.