Week of November 7 - 13

Ramped Up.

Seven hours biking, 17k+ vert hiking / skiing, and overall a ton of activity this week. Numbers aside, it was a beautiful week to be outside as we transition into winter. The diminishing sunlight hours haven't been an issue as I don't mind hiking out in the dark and the bike trainer is surprisingly tolerable. My body feels the work and is responding well. This is what my training will more or less look like for the next few weeks - bike every other day for 1.5hrs+ and hike/run/ski those other days and focus on stacking vert. On top of these numbers I also got in an hour of yoga and dryland. 

Photos from the week: 



Quick Ski off the Cog Railway

This is my brief attempt at updating my training / racing. There hasn't been much to report on racing but I'll backdate some reports and training weeks shortly. The focus right now has been quality training across all disciplines (running, biking, skiing) and I'm significantly ahead of where I was last year at this time. For now I'll just share this video: