Back to the Track

I was able to get back on schedule this week with my track work. I'm freestyling things a little but working off my previous track workout, I really wanted to string together several miles at HM pace. For this I took the safe road of doing 3 x 2 miles with 400m recovery. The plan was to go 6 minute pace on the first mile, and 5:55 on the second laps. I had Jim there to pace me - he spent most of his time in lane two at a 5:39 pace (pretty sure that's still cardio for him). Everything went according to plan. I was able to maintain my pace with a little work. My HR continued to rise and I'm sure the wheels would have fallen off given another set or two. I'm happy with the work considering that I put in some good work yesterday. Unsure what to do next week - Could go back to 800s and work on top end speed or continue to work on linking paced miles. 

8 x 800s

This evening I continued my pursuit of weekly speed work and put together a session that is moving in the right direction. I started with a three mile warm up on trails, dragging Squall by his leash (it was unclipped, he was pulling on it) and coaxed him to the river. Since upping my running volume a few weeks ago, my legs have been relatively flat since I've skipped the golden rule of recovery (take a day off!). That said, I didn't high expectations for the track. 

I chose 800s because I wanted a little more speed and to get an idea of where I was at in terms of a Yasso workout (marathon pace predictor). Last year I did 8x800s averaging 3:07 pace so my goal this session was sub 2:50 (marathon goal time for me would be sub 2:45'ish with three months of focused training). My average for the workout ended up being 2:46. I think adding five minutes to Yasso to be conservative would put me at a 2:51 marathon (6:31 min/mi pace). Doubt I could touch that right now but it's in the back of my mind... For now I'll continue to hit my speed, tempo, and long runs and stack on miles. I'll also be switching from trails to mostly pavement to get my pace up. 

Here were my 800 splits: 2:51, 2:47, 2:48, 2:45, 2:48, 2:45, 2:45, 2:41

Track Progression

Easy 2 mile warm up on the track after Squall protested running trails. For the first time I let him in the track off leash because he tends to freak out and bark. He calmed down after a few laps and just sat and watched. 

Once I was warmed up I put him in the truck and switched out of my Hokas and into racing flats. Last minute goal was to run 6:30 / 6:00 / 5:30. I forgot how much speed hurts! holding 6:30 was difficult and the thought of increasing the pace didn't seem realistic. I pushed through it and used my lap pace on my watch as motivation to just focus on the task at hand. I was able to get my first lap under 6:30 and kept my eye on the lap pace... next thing you know I'm hitting splits and moving faster. It's a challenge to get the speed/turnover after doing so many long slow runs so this was a great reminder of what "speed" feels like. Again, this isn't that fast but for me and where I'm at right now, it's my version of fast. 

Also, I was pleasantly surprised by my barefoot cooldown inside the track. My legs feel as strong as they ever have right now.