August 14 - 27, 2017

Recapping a couple lost weeks here. 

The week of August 14th was a recovery of sorts from the Ragged 50k which beat me up nicely. I had a very bad calf cramp that race that tore some muscle resulting in what I thought might have been worse than it really was. I managed nearly 50 miles with two days off plus a hike up Mount Crawford. I thought I was recovered by Sunday but that calf was still giving me some warning shots on my evening 11 mile run. A good "recovery" week nonetheless. Oh and a nice visit to Olde Bay Aussies to see their 18 puppies! 

The week of August 21st was similar in mileage but I added in a track workout, long run, a bunch of biking, and a nice hike up to Lakes of the Clouds. It was high in volume but kept mileage in check and let that calf recover. With all the extracurricular activity that week I was definitely feeling smoked heading to Europe.  On to UTMB! 

Mount Carrigain Sunset Hike

Columbus Day was a beautiful day. Apple pancakes followed but a little R&R then I packed up the MTB and headed into town to show Dave the trails around Pudding Pond and Sticks & Stones. We took a fair amount of video that I'll edit this week. It's a perfect beginner / intermediate spot and still one of my favorite trails in the valley. 

When I got home I repacked and Hilary, Squall and I headed up to Bartlett to hike Mount Carrigain. I hiked it last summer with Squall in August 2014 when he was a puppy but the temps were freezing and the clouds moved in. Tonight was forecasted to be clear skies so I made sure to pack warm clothes and my camera. 

The trail is relatively flat for the first 2 miles. At 1.7 miles you come to an intersection where you can make a longer loop by heading left on the Carrigain Notch Trail but we didn't have time for that. The next three miles are no-stop up at 20%+ grade. You gain more than 2,500' on this section of slippery granite chunks. Once up on signal ridge you catch views to the east and can see the summit. There's still another half mile of climbing to get to the summit and you're rewarded with a fire tower that pops you out of the woods and offers 360º views. 

We got our shots and headed back down in the dark. Once down to flat ground we were able to run the flats all the way to the parking lot and get out of there around 8PM. A couple beverages in the parking lot and flatbreads for dinner. It was the perfect conclusion to the day!

Hilary and Squall on the Signal Ridge Trail.

View from Signal Ridge: Vose Spur / Mount Lowell / Presidentials.

Sunset on Mount Carrigain.

Sunset on Mount Carrigain.

Mount Carrigain Fire Tower Sunset.