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July 30th, 2016: COMPLETE! At 5:28AM I ended my hike at the York Pond Trailhead, 5 days, 23 hours, and 58 minutes after the start of my project. Full debrief below: 

July 25th, 2016:  For LATEST updates, please go to my Facebook page!

July 23rd, 2016:  

July 21st, 2016

I spent this morning weighing out gear and doing a bit more organizing. Here's an update on the project background, goals, and logistics, followed by a gear video. Map Route

July 19th, 2016:

A few quick updates - I'm starting to look at a weather window starting as early as Sunday (July 24th). This could get bumped up (Friday?) or back depending on how the forecast changes but right now there's definitely some rain and thunderstorms towards the end of the month. I was hoping to start this on Sunday with a potential ending the following weekend.  

I'm still finalizing gear, food, and routes. I'll hopefully have a short video highlighting some of that information Thursday AM. 

And finally, I wasn't clear on this on my original post but all are encouraged to come out and join me for this adventure! It would be great to see new and familiar faces on the trail and will be a huge source of motivation. The best way to find me will be to find me on my tracker page (pings every 10 minutes). I'll have this linked on the TRACK ME page as well as my Facebook. I don't have a rough itinerary on daily goals because it's all going to depend on how things are going which I won't know until I get out there. I could take a 20 minute power nap or a 5 hour sleep, then keep going. 

A few people have forwarded me this link from Dan McGinness. I hadn't heard about this effort until a couple days ago. Dan is clearly an experienced hiker and took on an extremely challenging version of the Direttissima involving several bushwhacks to make an elegant thru-hike with no out-and-backs. He lays out previous efforts dating back to Hank Folsom's 1970 account.

More updates soon!

Direttissima is Italian for “most direct route”. The White Mountain Direttissima is an unsupported 240+ mile hike through the White Mountains traversing all 48 4,000' peaks. I'll be embarking on this adventure at some point during the end of July.

When: July 24 - 30, 2016